Week 12

Hye everyone *sad face*

This week, the environment of the class was a little bit different. It felt like… gloomy. Yeah. Gloomy is the right word.

Dr Rosseni talked to all of us today. She said that she’s angry with everyone. So I thought that she’s going to scold us or something like that. But no, she talked to us nicely. How motherly she is. I got upset with myself. She reminded us of several things, especially regarding our individual reflection blog. She and Kak Ana were frustrated to see our works. I, myself did not really care about the individual blog. As far as I could remember, I only updated for the first week. *slap my own face*.

Mr Helmi explained to us what do we have to do for EduTech day, which is next week. So we have to prepare the poster, slides and also present our full video on that particular day. Fuh. Now I’m nervous. The D-day is coming!!

Kak Ana reminded us on what have been highlighted by Dr. at the beginning of the class. Kak Ana looked a little bit serious today and I was scared 😦

She was the one who checked on our individual blogs last night and her sorrow and serious face might be because of her frustration towards our works. 

I would like to apologize to the lecturer and the facilitators. We’ll try our best to recover everything and not to repeat the same mistake. 

Apart from that, the instructors also looked at our full-version video and have also commented for improvement. We shall work on by now as the presentation week is just around the corner. 

Reflection :

Dr. Rosseni has opened my eyes on something today. I felt so guilty because it seemed like I took advantage of her kindness and gentleness towards us all this while so we began to take everything not seriously at all. Thank you Dr for such an eye-opener talk. It was my mistake to procrastinate on my work. Well, I should learn to prioritize my work and manage my time. Last night I almost went ‘drunk’ staying up until late at night just to finish my blog. Hmm, that would not happen if I did not procrastinate. I should listen to the lecturer and facilitators’ advice to update the blog every week.





Here is a motivational quote for myself. I’ll start taking things seriously from now on. I will try my best to keep updating my blog and fulfill the requirement of a real REFLECTION POST. 

About our project, since the D-day is just around the corner and there are still some works to be done, so we decided to delegate the tasks. We’ll add on another one scene as suggested by Mr Helmi to highlight the message in our video and that will be done by Fatin and Jaja. Ilya will work on our group blog to update our progress and the poster. And I myself will work on the credits video and the slides. Since there are not much time left, I think our decision to delegate the tasks is wise. 

We had also discussed about our presentation. We are planning to wear something formal, and have our theme color. Huhu. This is to differentiate us from others and also it’ll be easier for others to recognize us as a group. The color has not been decided yet. We shall see on the D-day.

I have also started to think of the one-minute pitch. I want to deliver something meaningful and sincerely from my heart. 

So that’s all from now. Thank you 🙂


Week 10

The task for this week is to present our progress so far. It is part of the midterm assessment. Everybody got very nervous knowing that this presentation will be graded and part of our marks. 


 We started to work on the presentation. We divided the tasks among the four of us. As for me, I’ll prepare for the explaining the message and the scenes that have been done. I chose several shots from the scenes and put it into the powerpoint slides. However, something unexpected occurred during the presentation. The videos were not working and caused problems. 

Fortunately the tutors understand the situation and said that they could see our progress. Glad that they did. Fuhhh.


Reflection :

I learnt from this week that I should not take things easily. I should have prepared back-up files if the videos were not working. I felt extremely guilty towards my group members because the main part of the presentation was my part – to explain what we have done so far.

After the presentation, we went to Mr Helmi and Brother Fuad to fix the problem. Luckily, brother Fuad taught us something new – some tips. He said that we should put all the videos into a folder, together with the powerpoint presentation. Now, I know the mistakes. I had the files in a folder, but not the powerpoint. I should have put the powerpoint slides into the folder as well. That’s a REMINDER for me for next time. 

As for Mr Helmi, he adviced us to not putting the videos in the powerpoint. He said that we should just open the videos in any video player like usual. Mr Helmi’s advice is good, but the thing is, I’m afraid that if I were to open the videos within the presentation session, it might be a bit difficult to switch between the powerpoint slides and the video player. However, I think Mr Helmi’s advice is the best to avoid any undesired things to happens. But, perhaps I could make a folder, and arrange the videos to be opened nicely so that it wil be easier and the presentation can run smoothly. Thanks to both instructors to help out solve the problem 🙂

Apart from that, I had also seen my friends presented the progress using prezi. We were introduced to prezi by our lecturer during semester 1, Prof Amin Embi. He is such an expert in this technology field. Do you know that he is the developer of ifolio.ukm,my? Well, yes he is and he used to teach us before. We learned a lot of things from him and now, it seemed like my friends’re applying what we have learned previously in the class today. That was great. However, the main problem with prezi is that we must have internet connection. Hurmm. That’s a problem. Imagine if we were to present something using prezi, but the connection was down. My god, that fears me. Huhu. This kind of situation has happened several times before during my friends’ presentation. So the best solution is to have, again, BACK-UP PLAN. 

If I had enough time, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be using prezi too, and have back-up slides using powerpoint.

That’s all for today. Thank you.


This week, we have learned on how to work out on the editing process by using Windows Movie Makers. The lesson was conducted by Mr Helmi and million thanks to him. I learnt new things! Yehhha!


That’s ‘Audicity’ on the computer screen.

Turns out we can cut our desired part of a song using this application.

Turns out we can cut our desired part of a song using this application.

Though we can't really work it out by ourselves -_-"

Though we can’t really work it out by ourselves -_-”

We have already edited the first scene of the video , but the quality is very low and we need to retake all the shots again.

This is the draft : 1st Scene Draft Video

Reflection :

I seriously glad that I learnt new things this week. Before this, I could say I thought that we cannot do much with Windows Movie Maker because of the limited features. Now after have been taught by Mr Helmi, I knew I was absolutely wrong. We can do so many things only by using Windows Movie Maker. I think we should explore all the possible features in an application or software to know what can we do using it. I currently begin to try editing the video using Windows Movie Maker. The features are good enough to edit a high quality or standard video.

Windows Movie Maker is user friendly and I can learn quickly. So, in my humble opinion, I think we should be exposed or taught to try using other video editing software. I heard of some before, Sony Vegas, Macro Media Flash, Adobe After Effects and all that. And I would be glad if I can learn to use these softwares in the future. 


We were asked to represent our video proposal that has been submitted during week 5.

When we represent the proposal, the lecturer has mentioned that our message was not clearly stated in the proposal. So that’s the only change to be made.


Presenting the proposal

One of the instructors, Mr Helmi taught us on several techniques on how to shoot a video;  panning, zooming.

Reflection :

I think by presenting the proposal face-to-face is much better as we have the chance to explain in details. Apart from that, we can also get feedbacks from the lecturer and tutors and ask for their opinion straight away. That’s all my opinion for the proposal part.

Moving to the next topic, from what have been taught by Mr. Helmi, though Mr Helmi said to reduce panning and zooming techniques in our shooting, I personallythink panning is interesting because we can focus wider on the scenery/view or background. However, I agree that when panning the camera, the subject should not move along with the camera and the subject must not more than one. Otherwise, the panning camera will go here and there. The best thing to do if I were to pan the camera is by using a tripod stand so that the video won’t be shaking. I think I would like to use this panning technique in our video shooting, but I think it’s good to do some reading on panning camera on the internet, Perhaps I can get more tips to pan the camera and not affecting the video quality.

Zooming is the other technique that Mr Helmi has shown. I agree that zooming is not really good in shooting a video as the quality of the image will be reduced or lowered. I’ll try to avoid this technique in the video shooting.

Week 5






The purpose of this video is to create awareness among   freshmen, how important is well preparation while interviewed for a job. Well preparation mentioned is including self presence, soft skill and etc.




Targeted audiences are students that freshly graduated of Malaysian Universities and Colleges and YouTube viewers. We aim for the audience to be more confident in interviews and aware about what they should do or don’t for interviews.





Background (moving video)

A girl is frustrated after been interviewed for a job in a company. She walks home while crying loudly in raining.



She met with her best friend, and telling her about the moment when she is in the interview room.



Background (moving video)

Lily refreshes the memories when she went for an interview. She is one the successful candidates on that day.



Background (moving video)

Showing the moment when Lily is in the interview room. What a candidate should do’s and don’ts.



Background (moving video)

Lily takes Anna to a famous boutique to shop proper attire for her next interview. Anna transforms to a new person.



Background (moving video)

One day…..

Coincidentally, Anna met with Lily at the company where Anna’s working for now after she done a good job in the interview. There’s a big smile on their face. Anna is completely an excellent well known career woman now.



The video proposal has been approved. This is done by doing an online discussion in our group. I think this is when the facebook page is needed. We used facebook as the medium. It was indeed useful for time like this where we cannot see face-to-face yet we were still able to conduct online discussion. 

Apart from the proposal, we have also started to do some research for our video. We are trying to gather as much information as we can to ensure we deliver the right thing. We also referred to some videos on tips for interview that have been done by others before. However, we do not want to copy those people from other countries and we are trying to ‘localize’ what have we gained from the videos. Hopefully, we will be able to deliver the right tips.

I found it helpful to refer to the videos done by others aside from our reading, because we could also see video production elements from there. For example the lighting, background, and angle the shots were taken.

These could be helpful for our shooting process later.

Week 4

Hye everyone. 


We have presented storyboard of our ‘One Step Closer’ video production.


We decided that all of us are going to act in the drama for :

  1. The models
  2. Two close friends
  3. The leading role/ the failed interviewee.



Discussion session to decide the order of scenes in the video.

The message that is trying to be conveyed in our video making project is that all of the fresh graduates whom is required to attend an interview session to get a job, need to be prepared and give a very good impression to the interviewee in terms of the attire worn during that day.

TADAAAAHHHHH presenting our own 4Diva's storyboard ^_^



I am so happy because after preparing the storyboard, we could clearly see the flow of our video production process. Thanks for the tutors that have asked us to prepare it. I can now see the importance of having a storyboard before started the process. Creating a script or storyboard will help ensure us to understand the intention of the video that will be produced. 

I could see other groups presenting the storyboard in many other interesting ways. For example, a group has presented their storyboard using a 3-D diagram. I think that’s cool.

Thinking of that, I was curious to know in any other way can we prepare the storyboard? I used to involve with an animation team when I was in high school, I remembered winning the second place. The only marks that differentiate my team’s and the the first runner was the storyboard. The judges said our storyboard is not like what has been stated of what it should look like. Now I’m glad that I can learn preparing a storyboard in this course too.

However, it would be great if the tutors can exposed to us more on the methods of presenting a storyboard.

I would also love to see previous students’ storyboard as references. 

Week 3

As the class started, we were shown a few amazing videos. Then the tutors gave some explanation in terms of the angle, the movement of the cameras, and the techniques used. From the videos we could see several techniques, such as narration, dramatizing, lyrics, captions and motion. 

So, after watching the videos, we consider the pros and cons of the techniques. We decided to deliver the message by acting out, or dramatization. This is because of the time that we have to do all the works. It is not easy to produce a good video within a short period.

However, we did try out some technique straight away. For example, the motion. 

scrambled words 2


So here is the picture of me trying to scramble pieces of paper written 4 DIVA .

scrambled words 1

The result is quite okay for a first-timer, so we are thinking of doing the motion technique for our video introduction. That’s the idea for the time being, we’ll see how it goes.

Reflection :

After watching the videos, I was impressed by the techniques that have been used to convey the message. The narration technique was great, but then I don’t really now how the process goes to insert the narrator voice into the video and so on. I was curious to know about some things in the video. For example, maybe the tutors can explain to us further about the voice recording process. What do we need to have in order to get such clear narrating voice in the video. I believe we cannot simply use recording application from our cell phones, for instance. So, my suggestion here, in the future, the tutors might want to teach our further about the voice recording process. Perhaps we should be exposed to the software to edit the voice too. I was also wondering how to make sure the narrator voice is parallel or synchronized to the video. Is it difficult or easy to do that? Hmm.

As for the motion technique, I found it interesting and suitable to attract all ages, especially kids. We can use drawn pictures to the motion to make it more interesting. This will somehow show our drawing skills, and not only relying on the software to draw or something, right?

Since we are thinking of doing the motion for our introduction part, so I guess we should find more videos to get the ideas and try to work on it.