Week 3

As the class started, we were shown a few amazing videos. Then the tutors gave some explanation in terms of the angle, the movement of the cameras, and the techniques used. From the videos we could see several techniques, such as narration, dramatizing, lyrics, captions and motion. 

So, after watching the videos, we consider the pros and cons of the techniques. We decided to deliver the message by acting out, or dramatization. This is because of the time that we have to do all the works. It is not easy to produce a good video within a short period.

However, we did try out some technique straight away. For example, the motion. 

scrambled words 2


So here is the picture of me trying to scramble pieces of paper written 4 DIVA .

scrambled words 1

The result is quite okay for a first-timer, so we are thinking of doing the motion technique for our video introduction. That’s the idea for the time being, we’ll see how it goes.

Reflection :

After watching the videos, I was impressed by the techniques that have been used to convey the message. The narration technique was great, but then I don’t really now how the process goes to insert the narrator voice into the video and so on. I was curious to know about some things in the video. For example, maybe the tutors can explain to us further about the voice recording process. What do we need to have in order to get such clear narrating voice in the video. I believe we cannot simply use recording application from our cell phones, for instance. So, my suggestion here, in the future, the tutors might want to teach our further about the voice recording process. Perhaps we should be exposed to the software to edit the voice too. I was also wondering how to make sure the narrator voice is parallel or synchronized to the video. Is it difficult or easy to do that? Hmm.

As for the motion technique, I found it interesting and suitable to attract all ages, especially kids. We can use drawn pictures to the motion to make it more interesting. This will somehow show our drawing skills, and not only relying on the software to draw or something, right?

Since we are thinking of doing the motion for our introduction part, so I guess we should find more videos to get the ideas and try to work on it. 


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