Week 4

Hye everyone. 


We have presented storyboard of our ‘One Step Closer’ video production.


We decided that all of us are going to act in the drama for :

  1. The models
  2. Two close friends
  3. The leading role/ the failed interviewee.



Discussion session to decide the order of scenes in the video.

The message that is trying to be conveyed in our video making project is that all of the fresh graduates whom is required to attend an interview session to get a job, need to be prepared and give a very good impression to the interviewee in terms of the attire worn during that day.

TADAAAAHHHHH presenting our own 4Diva's storyboard ^_^



I am so happy because after preparing the storyboard, we could clearly see the flow of our video production process. Thanks for the tutors that have asked us to prepare it. I can now see the importance of having a storyboard before started the process. Creating a script or storyboard will help ensure us to understand the intention of the video that will be produced. 

I could see other groups presenting the storyboard in many other interesting ways. For example, a group has presented their storyboard using a 3-D diagram. I think that’s cool.

Thinking of that, I was curious to know in any other way can we prepare the storyboard? I used to involve with an animation team when I was in high school, I remembered winning the second place. The only marks that differentiate my team’s and the the first runner was the storyboard. The judges said our storyboard is not like what has been stated of what it should look like. Now I’m glad that I can learn preparing a storyboard in this course too.

However, it would be great if the tutors can exposed to us more on the methods of presenting a storyboard.

I would also love to see previous students’ storyboard as references. 


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