We were asked to represent our video proposal that has been submitted during week 5.

When we represent the proposal, the lecturer has mentioned that our message was not clearly stated in the proposal. So that’s the only change to be made.


Presenting the proposal

One of the instructors, Mr Helmi taught us on several techniques on how to shoot a video;  panning, zooming.

Reflection :

I think by presenting the proposal face-to-face is much better as we have the chance to explain in details. Apart from that, we can also get feedbacks from the lecturer and tutors and ask for their opinion straight away. That’s all my opinion for the proposal part.

Moving to the next topic, from what have been taught by Mr. Helmi, though Mr Helmi said to reduce panning and zooming techniques in our shooting, I personallythink panning is interesting because we can focus wider on the scenery/view or background. However, I agree that when panning the camera, the subject should not move along with the camera and the subject must not more than one. Otherwise, the panning camera will go here and there. The best thing to do if I were to pan the camera is by using a tripod stand so that the video won’t be shaking. I think I would like to use this panning technique in our video shooting, but I think it’s good to do some reading on panning camera on the internet, Perhaps I can get more tips to pan the camera and not affecting the video quality.

Zooming is the other technique that Mr Helmi has shown. I agree that zooming is not really good in shooting a video as the quality of the image will be reduced or lowered. I’ll try to avoid this technique in the video shooting.


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