Week 10

The task for this week is to present our progress so far. It is part of the midterm assessment. Everybody got very nervous knowing that this presentation will be graded and part of our marks. 


 We started to work on the presentation. We divided the tasks among the four of us. As for me, I’ll prepare for the explaining the message and the scenes that have been done. I chose several shots from the scenes and put it into the powerpoint slides. However, something unexpected occurred during the presentation. The videos were not working and caused problems. 

Fortunately the tutors understand the situation and said that they could see our progress. Glad that they did. Fuhhh.


Reflection :

I learnt from this week that I should not take things easily. I should have prepared back-up files if the videos were not working. I felt extremely guilty towards my group members because the main part of the presentation was my part – to explain what we have done so far.

After the presentation, we went to Mr Helmi and Brother Fuad to fix the problem. Luckily, brother Fuad taught us something new – some tips. He said that we should put all the videos into a folder, together with the powerpoint presentation. Now, I know the mistakes. I had the files in a folder, but not the powerpoint. I should have put the powerpoint slides into the folder as well. That’s a REMINDER for me for next time. 

As for Mr Helmi, he adviced us to not putting the videos in the powerpoint. He said that we should just open the videos in any video player like usual. Mr Helmi’s advice is good, but the thing is, I’m afraid that if I were to open the videos within the presentation session, it might be a bit difficult to switch between the powerpoint slides and the video player. However, I think Mr Helmi’s advice is the best to avoid any undesired things to happens. But, perhaps I could make a folder, and arrange the videos to be opened nicely so that it wil be easier and the presentation can run smoothly. Thanks to both instructors to help out solve the problem 🙂

Apart from that, I had also seen my friends presented the progress using prezi. We were introduced to prezi by our lecturer during semester 1, Prof Amin Embi. He is such an expert in this technology field. Do you know that he is the developer of ifolio.ukm,my? Well, yes he is and he used to teach us before. We learned a lot of things from him and now, it seemed like my friends’re applying what we have learned previously in the class today. That was great. However, the main problem with prezi is that we must have internet connection. Hurmm. That’s a problem. Imagine if we were to present something using prezi, but the connection was down. My god, that fears me. Huhu. This kind of situation has happened several times before during my friends’ presentation. So the best solution is to have, again, BACK-UP PLAN. 

If I had enough time, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be using prezi too, and have back-up slides using powerpoint.

That’s all for today. Thank you.


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