Week 12

Hye everyone *sad face*

This week, the environment of the class was a little bit different. It felt like… gloomy. Yeah. Gloomy is the right word.

Dr Rosseni talked to all of us today. She said that she’s angry with everyone. So I thought that she’s going to scold us or something like that. But no, she talked to us nicely. How motherly she is. I got upset with myself. She reminded us of several things, especially regarding our individual reflection blog. She and Kak Ana were frustrated to see our works. I, myself did not really care about the individual blog. As far as I could remember, I only updated for the first week. *slap my own face*.

Mr Helmi explained to us what do we have to do for EduTech day, which is next week. So we have to prepare the poster, slides and also present our full video on that particular day. Fuh. Now I’m nervous. The D-day is coming!!

Kak Ana reminded us on what have been highlighted by Dr. at the beginning of the class. Kak Ana looked a little bit serious today and I was scared 😦

She was the one who checked on our individual blogs last night and her sorrow and serious face might be because of her frustration towards our works. 

I would like to apologize to the lecturer and the facilitators. We’ll try our best to recover everything and not to repeat the same mistake. 

Apart from that, the instructors also looked at our full-version video and have also commented for improvement. We shall work on by now as the presentation week is just around the corner. 

Reflection :

Dr. Rosseni has opened my eyes on something today. I felt so guilty because it seemed like I took advantage of her kindness and gentleness towards us all this while so we began to take everything not seriously at all. Thank you Dr for such an eye-opener talk. It was my mistake to procrastinate on my work. Well, I should learn to prioritize my work and manage my time. Last night I almost went ‘drunk’ staying up until late at night just to finish my blog. Hmm, that would not happen if I did not procrastinate. I should listen to the lecturer and facilitators’ advice to update the blog every week.





Here is a motivational quote for myself. I’ll start taking things seriously from now on. I will try my best to keep updating my blog and fulfill the requirement of a real REFLECTION POST. 

About our project, since the D-day is just around the corner and there are still some works to be done, so we decided to delegate the tasks. We’ll add on another one scene as suggested by Mr Helmi to highlight the message in our video and that will be done by Fatin and Jaja. Ilya will work on our group blog to update our progress and the poster. And I myself will work on the credits video and the slides. Since there are not much time left, I think our decision to delegate the tasks is wise. 

We had also discussed about our presentation. We are planning to wear something formal, and have our theme color. Huhu. This is to differentiate us from others and also it’ll be easier for others to recognize us as a group. The color has not been decided yet. We shall see on the D-day.

I have also started to think of the one-minute pitch. I want to deliver something meaningful and sincerely from my heart. 

So that’s all from now. Thank you 🙂


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