Week 12

Hye everyone *sad face* This week, the environment of the class was a little bit different. It felt like… gloomy. Yeah. Gloomy is the right word. Dr Rosseni talked to all of us today. She said that she’s angry with everyone. So I thought that she’s going to scold us or something like that. But […]

Week 10

The task for this week is to present our progress so far. It is part of the midterm assessment. Everybody got very nervous knowing that this presentation will be graded and part of our marks.   We started to work on the presentation. We divided the tasks among the four of us. As for me, I’ll […]


This week, we have learned on how to work out on the editing process by using Windows Movie Makers. The lesson was conducted by Mr Helmi and million thanks to him. I learnt new things! Yehhha! That’s ‘Audicity’ on the computer screen. Turns out we can cut our desired part of a song using this […]


We were asked to represent our video proposal that has been submitted during week 5. When we represent the proposal, the lecturer has mentioned that our message was not clearly stated in the proposal. So that’s the only change to be made. Presenting the proposal One of the instructors, Mr Helmi taught us on several […]

Week 5

ONE STEP CLOSER VIDEO PROPOSAL BY 4DIVA LEGACY   OVERVIEW The purpose of this video is to create awareness among   freshmen, how important is well preparation while interviewed for a job. Well preparation mentioned is including self presence, soft skill and etc.   AUDIENCE   Targeted audiences are students that freshly graduated of Malaysian Universities […]

Week 4

Hye everyone.  We have presented storyboard of our ‘One Step Closer’ video production.   We decided that all of us are going to act in the drama for : The models Two close friends The leading role/ the failed interviewee.   Discussion session to decide the order of scenes in the video. The message that is trying to be […]

Week 3

As the class started, we were shown a few amazing videos. Then the tutors gave some explanation in terms of the angle, the movement of the cameras, and the techniques used. From the videos we could see several techniques, such as narration, dramatizing, lyrics, captions and motion.  So, after watching the videos, we consider the […]

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